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Karate pronuciation: Kah Rah Tay

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I know what it is like to win it all and be the tournament champion. I also know what it is like to lose my first round . A winner doesn't brag when winning and no excuses for losing.

  In 1994 I opened my own studio with nothing more than the joy of martial arts in my heart and a few pennies in my bank. Today my studio has a comfortable membership of around 400 students (pre covid), a great group of Black Belt instructors, and not a single person on an annual contract. Yes, I am also in the business side of martial arts, and for me the success of my studio lies in how and what you teach, not in a contract.

  Fast forward 27 years and here I am. Originally trained in ITF Tae Kwon Do, I then started studying Shotokan Karate, then Japanese Goju-ryu, followed by Jiu Jitsu. I added to my knowledge by studying bushido (weapons), Tai Chi, Wado Kai Karate, Kendo and Kyudo (Japanese Archery). Actually, there’s not that many martial arts that I haven’t done. I’ve met many masters, watched (if not competed against) many World Champions, and been involved in over 500 competitions as either a competitor, coach or judge. I continue to review the different styles and always seek new insight into the evolution of martial arts.

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Finding the Right Martial Arts Studio

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Changing Martial Arts Studios

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Quitting the Martial Arts

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