breaking boards with a sidekick

The Pandemic Pivot - Our new normal for classes

The pandemic caused us to rethink our classes and groupings. As a result there are available family and friends classes that do not split the groups by age and ability, more by social dynamics. It is popular for families as everyone exercises at the same time, no waiting through multiple classes. 

We also have dedicated beginner classes and Adult classes. Teenagers are allowed in adult class if they can act like an adult. Too harsh? What do you expect from a karate club. 

This class set up is so popular we will keep some social bubble classes even when we return to normal

JK/SK Little Dragons Program

Thank the universe these classes are back. Some Little Dragons are in class with their older siblings as part of our family option. Helping children understand how their bodies work and move is so important for developing confidence. Add the focusing drills and we are back giving our younger community the skills needed for success as they grow.

It's all about Physical Literacy at these ages. When you can run, jump and kick.. you get to do flying sidekicks!

Beginner Programs

We have amazing beginner programs since no one is an expert when they start something new. The most beginner friendly times are at 6:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and 9:00am Saturday mornings. Parents are encouraged to join up too since everyone needs to stretch and take time for themselves.

You don't stop playing because you get old.
You get old because you stopped playing.

Group tournament photo

Tournament Team

It’s not about the awards, it’s about the experience and the growth of the student. Dealing with struggles and win/lose situations help expose and develop character.

Where does the time go? This was in 2012, Washington D.C.

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