Coming back to class

  For a lot of people, the road to Black Belt can have detours which stop your training for a prolonged period of time. Most people think the hardest class is your first one, as it takes great courage to begin something new. They are almost right, it does take courage to try something new, however, I think returning to the martial arts is much harder than beginning, especially if you remember how you used to kick, stretch, move and feel when you used to be in class. My quick advice is to let go of what you used to be able to do, as it no longer matters. What matters now is what you are able to do and more importantly, want to work towards. I’ve had many different people talk to me about restarting their martial arts career.  Here’s a few things to think about when contemplating returning to the world of martial arts.


Black belt wrapped around a uniform

What is it now that you hope to gain from your training?

  This is important, since you’ve probably changed since your last class.  Your previous goals in the martial arts are probably different now and you should find a studio/style/instructor that will coach you through your current goals.

You are in charge of what you learn.

  It’s your job to pick your instructor. This can be very exciting as you should have an idea of what you are looking for. Enjoy shopping around the different studios.

Who you were then, is not who you are now.

  Don’t have performance anxiety, you have nothing to prove, just get back into class and don’t let your mind play games with you.  If your break from martial arts came as a result of an injury, you must respect that area and give yourself the proper time to heal.  If your break came due to work and family commitments it may be necessary to alter your training schedule to something that fits into your current lifestyle.  Martial arts can be a lifelong journey, just make sure you include having a life.

Do you have an incomplete feeling stopping?

  Most people set their sights on a Black Belt.  Achieving a Black Belt is an awesome feeling, anyone who has done it knows what I mean.  Be cautious though, as the rank around your waist should be a reflection of how you feel.  Actually, most of the great master Instructors that I have known all down play their rank and are very humble about their achievements.

hand, the hand, welcome

You probably already know that the person you are trying to impress is yourself.

  Most instructors talk about the personal journey the road to black belt is, and  they are right. When rejoining the martial arts, you do this for yourself. Taking the time to do something for yourself is very rewarding and part of the joy of this martial arts journey.

Welcome back