Older Programs

Our programs are organized like our education system. It’s a wonderful system that builds on each previous year and takes into consideration the age and maturity level of the student. We follow a system that is based on proven fundamentals, but is also flexible enough to address an ever-changing world. 


Little Dragon’s Program

Pre-school and kindergarten ages belong in our Little Dragons program. It’s all about releasing energy in a positive manner, as well as meeting friends, learning to wait your turn, and understanding motor control. We deal with a different set of moves that allow our little dragons to excel in our children’s program, or any other interest they might enjoy.


Children’s Program

If your child is in grade school, their style is referred to as Children’s Martial Arts. There are two major differences between the children’s program and our adult program.

  1. Children do not learn the traditional self defense techniques that include punching or kicking. Those techniques were originally meant for an adult audience and we agree that they are not appropriate for children. Plus, most physical means of self defense are not a favourable way of dealing with children’s issues regarding the playground and bullies.
  2. Children’s katas are designed for the youthfulness of their mind and body. These forms are used to help children understand more about their balance and coordination, and less about self defense applications (see #1.) It’s still the martial arts, just not adult martial arts.

Originally, martial arts were developed by disciplined adults to be taught to other disciplined adults. Times change and the amazing character development qualities of a martial arts program started attracting a younger crowd. These new children came to learn and help develop into well-rounded, disciplined adults. The key words here are ‘develop into’. We recognize that children are children and need to have age appropriate programs to help prepare them for the adult world. This is why Paterson’s Karate Works offers different programs for different ages.

The earliest we start teaching children is at age 3. Students between the ages of 3 and 6 become members of our Little Dragons program and start working towards the very cool Dragon belt. Little Dragons do not learn the same martial arts that an adult would learn. It is an age appropriate program dealing with balance, co-ordination, listening, focusing, confidence, and self-esteem building. The program also spends time teaching about the hazards of punching and kicking to solve problems.

Around 7 years old children move into our children’s program. The techniques taught are more demanding than the Little Dragons program, however, it is still not adult martial arts. Remember the goal of our club is to help prepare children for adulthood, not expect them to automatically behave like adults. Upon attaining a brown belt, children are older and ready for some of the more demanding exercises our fun sport has to offer.


Adult Program

The style of martial arts taught at Paterson’s Karate Works depends on your age. Adults learn actual historical styles that have been practiced and passed on for generations. The Karate styles include kata (forms or patterns) from Shotokan, Wado Kai, and Japanese Goju Ryu. We also have Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial arts) katas and they are based on the International Tae Kwon Do Federation style or ITF. Jiu Jitsu is the style we use for self defense. Our Jiu Jitsu program has its roots with the teachings of the Canadian Jiu Jitsu Association. The higher levels learn “the small circle theory” of self defense pioneered by Prof. Wally Jay.

Adult and teenagers get to train together, since teenagers are always wanting to be treated like adults. Look on the schedule to see all the different classes available.


Team PKW

It’s not about the hardware we bring home. It’s about the experience and memories we create and the lessons we learn from trying.