A race in the woods

Not that long ago, in a place close by….

There was a race in the woods, but this was no ordinary race. The race included a squirrel, a bird and an elephant. First one to the top of the tree wins. To keep it “fair” everyone had to climb. The squirrel was excited, the bird was frustrated. and the elephant was completely discouraged and quit without trying (upset at being an elephant). This was a very poorly organized race.

Luckily, Owl Sensei arrived and spoke some wisdom. “To actually make things fair,” the wise Owl said, “race to the top of the tree with your natural abilities.”

What a race! The squirrel climbed up so fast, as fast as the bird who flew to the top. But then the top moved and the whole tree bent over with the weight of the mighty elephant leaning against it. The bird and squirrel had to scatter as the elephant sat on the top of the tree as it was bent to the ground. Every animal in the forest cheered!

Afterwards, the elephant, bird and squirrel were all very proud of their unique abilities. This race became legendary. Pass it on.


Who won? Does it matter?

What does “fair” mean to you?

Do you have any examples of “unfair” disguised as being “fair”?

Are you more a bird, squirrel or elephant?

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