Sammy snake

Not that long ago, in a place close by…

A snake named Sammy was watching the children play soccer in a field and wanted to join in.

Sammy rushed over and asked to play. The children told Sammy he couldn’t play because he didn’t have any legs or feet to kick the ball. Sammy slithered off, discouraged.

That evening Sammy went to his dojo. When Sensei greeted Sammy, he knew something was bothering him.

“Sammy, ” started Sensei, “how was your day?”

Sammy explained how the children wouldn’t let him play soccer because he couldn’t kick the ball.

Sensei laughed, “Haha, you have the greatest kick with your tail. I think your kick is even faster than mine!”

That put a big smile on Sammy’s face and he went to be that night dreaming of kicking the soccer ball with a snap of his tail.

The very next day, Sammy approached the children and asked to play again. Before they could tell him no, Sammy shot through the group and coiled around the ball, flipped the ball into the air and snapped his tail to kick the ball all the way down the field. The children gasped, then cheered. Everyone wanted Sammy to play (and be on their team). The soccer playing, karate snake became a legend. Pass it on.


Were the children being mean? or just uneducated?

What does “inclusive” mean?

Have you ever had to alter an activity to allow more people to be involved?

The best leaders find a way to use everyone’s unique strengths. What unique strengths do you have?

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