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Week 2, Virtual Dojo

Same set up as week 1

Warm up and Techniques (10 minutes)

  • 10 front kick into a lunge return to natural stance, switch legs each time.
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 5 fingertip push ups (it’s okay to be on your knees if your fingers won’t hold all of you)
  • 10 side kicks into a horse stance, switch legs each time.
  • 5 slow push ups (1 every 10 seconds)
  • V sit, punching. 50 punches, try and keep legs straight.
  • 10 touch and jumps, land and jump from a horse stance (do not hit head on lights or ceiling)
  • Balance on one foot as the rest of the body becomes an airplane (10 seconds switch legs, 6 x)
  • 5 more fingertip push ups, when done walk your hands back to your toes, legs straight.
  • Walk hands back out to push up position, do a push up and walk hands back to toes. 10 x
  • 5 hip rotations each way (feet shoulder width apart)
  • Repeat. It is okay to hold positions to feel a stretch. Have a sip of water.

Try and do this routine 2 times. Pause and breathe to feel a stretch throughout.

Virtual lesson (10 minutes, $10 fee)

Your invitation will be sent to you if you chose to learn virtually with instruction from Mr. Paterson, otherwise you can do the techniques below on your own free of charge. Enjoy.

The focus will be on kicking for sparring and variety, plus kicking for kata (forms).

You will be asked to perform kicks/techniques in all directions. Normally, in class, the instructor would move around to watch a student from different angles. You turning, when asked, will take care of this.

Repetition of Techniques and Cool down/stretch

(10 minutes or however long you like)

  • Side kick hammer fist to elbow strike in a walking stance. (1 minute each side)
  • Step back double knife hand, step forward spear finger (1 minute each side)
  • Combination kicks, e.g., double roundhouse, side round, round side. (1 minute each side)
  • Do the same combination kicks and add a reverse punch to finish. (1 minute each side))
  • Sit down and spread your legs apart. Reach down to each foot, slowly and feel the stretch.
  • Feet together, curl up into a ball and roll on your back. Your spine will love it.

Remember to drink some water. Take it easy and do not over do it.

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